Concealed Weapons Permit Lapel Pin Badge
  • Display Case with Clear Cover
  • Gold Plating for Lasting Finish
  • Approx 1" X 3/4"' in Size
  • Wedding Clasp Clutch Type Fastener (Strongest Made)
Price: Buy Now 7.95
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Made in the United States of America
Made in the U.S.A.

When placing a badge order to one of the traditional vendors, you find out fast that trying to place a custom badge order over the phone, is less than perfect. When you try to order a badge over the phone you are usually led by the sales person to a website with picture examples of all the various badge styles, text color and finishes that you can choose from. This process is flawed when compared to an online interactive custom badge builder. The interactive online badge builder is the best way to get what you want on your first try. Don't order a badge over the phone when you can use the interactive badge builder to create the perfect badge the first time. With the interactive badge builder, you can see a preview of your badge as you build it, getting the badge you want is guaranteed.

Custom Designed Concealed Weapons Badges
In the past customers contact us to place a custom badge order, our representatives would use the interactive badge builder to build your badge over the phone and then mail, e-mail or personally deliver the badge picture based on what information you provided to our representatives over the phone. We would then make the needed changes until you have the badge you want. This old process is now outdated using the online interactive badge builder. Our process allows you to place an order for the perfect badge without the wasted time of review, modify, correct and approval process that we used to use to design custom Badges. The savings in time also equals money and we pass the savings on to you. Your badge will be exactly what you want and you save money because the available systems are so efficient the cuts in time and personnel to process your order give you a great deal on a custom designed badge that will last a lifetime and make you smile when you remember the easy process of ordering your badge and the great price you paid.

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